Student Handbook

Current 2023-2024 Student Handbook

Please note that the current handbook linked above is a Microsoft Word document (.docx). If you cannot view it, please contact [email protected] for assistance.


This handbook contains some of the basic guidelines for students to follow to be successful in the middle/high school program. It is intended to communicate some of the expectations that we hold for students and, in turn, provides for students an indication of what they can expect while a student at Bellaire Middle/High School. The handbook is not a policy manual; it is, however, based on the policies that have been developed and enacted by the Board of Education. As a guide it provides a direction for activities and identifies the outcomes that we expect when we work together as a team of learners, parents, and educators. While it is impossible to anticipate every event that can take place in a given school year, we have attempted to address at least the major issues. Please refer to the handbook as needed to answer questions relative to the middle/high school. The administration will provide greater detail or information upon request. Please do not hesitate to call if we can be of assistance. We expect a great year and will do our part to see that every student is successful.

Elastic Clause

Bellaire Public Schools reserves the right to amend any provision in this handbook when it is deemed to be in the best interest of the educational process. The District retains the right to issue penalties for acts of discipline not specifically stated herein and to alter penalties to protect the general well-being of the students and staff and to address a wide variety of circumstances when considered necessary.