Acceptable Use Policies

John R. Rodger Elementary - K through 5 Policy

Bellaire Middle/High School - 6 through 12 Policy

All students in the Bellaire Public Schools are provided a district-owned device to use when needed. Kindergarten through second grade students use iPads in the classroom while third through fifth graders have 11" Chromebooks for their classroom use. Middle and high school students are issued an 11" Chromebook that is able to be taken home at the end of the day. All district devices have protective cases on them and are expected to remain in their case at all times.

Chromebook Do's, Don'ts & FAQs -- Check here for help and answers to your questions.

Bellaire Middle/High School 6-12 Technology Protection Plan

The Bellaire Public Schools has created the Technology Protection Plan to help alleviate costs associated with damaged or stolen Chromebooks and other devices. All 6-12 families will participate in the Protection Plan unless doing so will present an undue hardship. Any families who believe they cannot afford the Protection Plan should contact their building principal for additional information.

The Technology Protection Plan is available for annual purchase for each device issued to a student. The protection plan will cover accidental damage to the Chromebook, iPad, or Hotspot as well as theft. All theft claims must be accompanied by a police report. This protection plan does not cover loss of the device and/or its accessories, cosmetic damage, or damages caused by misuse and/or abuse. Costs are outlined on the annual plan enrollment form and are non-refundable. Forms are available in the office and will be sent to families at the start of every school year.

Family Tech Plan Form for download

Google Classroom

In grades 3 through 12, teachers may use Google Classroom to provide organization to their online assignments for students. This video regarding Google Classroom provides a brief but concise rundown of how it works, how you can support your children as they use it, and what it can do for you as a parent. If you'd like to receive parent emails regarding your child's Classroom work, please contact their teacher.


Basic Google/GSuite Apps

These interactive resources for popular Google apps may prove helpful:



Mini-Tutorials for Educational Apps (Google & Other)